Idento was established in 1989 with headquarter in Billund. In 2012 the company switched owners and a complete restructuring made Idento to Idento Group A/S. The company moved to a newer and bigger domicile with headquarter, storage and packing on Smedevej 5 in Billund. 

Idento Group A/S is primarily engaged in sales of its own brands. Idento Group A/S has established a dealer network i all off Denmark in both retail and wholesale. 


Idento Group A/S has since the beginning been engaged in production of oral hygiene products such as floss, toothpicks og tooth cleaners. In 2005 probably one of the best lip balms was launched in various shapes and colors. 


Idento Group A/S has partnered with Bräuner A/S, which is represented by sales consultants throughout the country. The sales consultants handle sales, service, order management, setting displays and sales solutions. They ensure customers og consumers high quality and they are guaranteeing the supply of strong brands. The sales consultants have both toothpicks,  lip balm and sales displays with them in their car. 


Impuls, quality and service are keywords at Idento Group A/S and our main task is to be the preferred partner in oral hygiene.


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