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Idento Floss was launched in 1990 and has now a significant market share on the Danish market of oral hygiene products. It is a unique combination of toothpick and floss which has been one of the best selling toothpicks since 1990. It is the only double threaded toothpick on the market made from ultra strong fiber string (UHMWPE 400D) to ensure a strong and consistent string which is also gentle to your teeth. Idento Floss is recommended by dentists and school dental hygienists. The floss comes in several bright colors, and it has not only become a favorite among adults but also among younger consumers. Idento Floss can now be purchased in several different package sizes, from our Pocket Box with 6 pcs to our Travel Box with 14 pcs and our blister package with 30, 40 or 55 pcs in each package.




Our Floss2Sides is designed with 3 pcs of fiber strings in both ends, which give an even better and stronger floss. The string is an ultra strong fiber thread (UHMWPE 400D). It is designed with bigger grip, which makes it more user-friendly. Floss2Sides is recommended and preferred by dentists. 

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