In 2005 Idento Lip was launched and within the first 3 months we achieved a market share of 15-20%. Idento Lip Naturel is made from the best ingredients. There are no parabens or preservatives in the products. To make the lip balm unique we have added good oils from the castor oil plant, sunflower oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Idento Lip is a neutral lip balm which prevent dryness and cracked lips. Idento Lips great long lasting caring effect makes it one of the best lip balms. Finally, UV filter has been added to protect against the sun and free radicals.

Lip Naturel ia available in 7 different colors: purple, pink, dark blue, light blue, black, red and lime green.

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Lip Sun (which is orange) also has SPF25 but still contains the same good natural ingredients as Lip Naturel.

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In 2014 we launched the new Idento Lip Serum. With this Serum, we are not compromising with healthy oils or environmental friendly ingredients. Lip Serum contains shea butter made from nuts from the Karite tree. Shea butter is healing, moisturizing and protective against the sun. We have added mango which is rich on Omega 9 oil and good to damaged skin. Lip Serum is also added avocado oil filled with polyunsaturated oil, A and E vitamin. The avocado oil is both healing and caring. Finally, we have added sea buckthorn, which is an elixir of antioxidants. Off course the Serum is also protective against the sun and free radicals as it contains SPF25. Idento Lip Serum is the healthy product for the quality oriented consumer.


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